DIY vs. Professional Power Washing

Diy Vs. Professional Power Washing: Why You Should Never Diy Power Washing

When it comes to getting rid of stubborn dirt, molds, and grime, power washing is an incredibly effective solution. Commercial and residential buildings can both benefit from a good power washing session. However, when considering whether to DIY or hire a professional contractor, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons carefully. 

While sometimes homeowners choose DIY methods, don’t take pressure washing lightly. It can be extremely dangerous if done incorrectly. In fact, there are over 6,000 injuries a year in the US alone as a result of using pressure washers incorrectly.

In this blog post, we will discuss six dangers of DIY power washing that can put you and your property at risk. Professional power washing services are a much safer option – read on to find out why!

DIY Power Washing


DIY Power Washing can be an economical and convenient option for tackling larger tasks. Renting a power washer DIY-style is often much less expensive when compared to professional service and gives you a great level of control over the result. Furthermore, DIY pressure washers are widely available at most home improvement stores, allowing you to get any necessary supplies in one place. DIY Power Washing is, therefore, an ideal way for DIYers on a budget to clean their homes and outdoor spaces without having to pay more for specialized services.


DIY power washing can seem like a great idea at first; however, it is not without its downsides. DIY power washing takes a lot of time and can be extremely dangerous as there are many areas of your home that may not be accessible with a standard pressure washer. These areas often require an individual to climb onto a ladder, putting themselves in direct line with a high-pressure stream coming from the wand, which could result in serious injury.

DIY power washing can also damage vinyl siding if too much pressure is used, so those who offer professional services know the right amount of force needed to properly clean and maintain surfaces while minimizing the risk of damage.

Additionally, DIY power washing is not always cost-effective, particularly for larger projects where rental equipment and product costs add up quickly.

Professional Power Washing


Professional power washing is an excellent solution for homeowners looking to safely and effectively clean their property. With the latest equipment and techniques, professional power washing services will be able to socialize any area of your home that may be difficult to reach with a standard residential pressure washer. 

Professional power washing companies also have the experience and knowledge to ensure that your property is securely washed and taken care of, with special attention paid to delicate areas like wooden decks or dry-aged stucco siding. Professional power washing services are worth the investment if you want to enjoy lasting results with minimal effort and maintenance from you.


Professional power washing often seems like a great idea; it can instantly improve the look of your home and save you time. However, there are some cons to consider before investing in this service.

When looking for a company or contractor, avoid simply searching for the lowest price. Instead, investigate their credibility and reviews to make sure they offer quality services rather than just coming with a pickup truck and renting the same equipment that you easily could have done yourself.

Additionally, fly-by-night businesses exist that might disappear after work is completed, especially if there are any issues with the job itself. We encourage you to be mindful when selecting professional power washing services.

6 Dangers of DIY Power Washing

1. Risk of Injuries

Power washing is an efficient way to clean surfaces in your home, but it isn’t without risk. Power washers are different from garden hoses, as they operate at 50 times the water pressure strength. Therefore, what may seem like a simple household chore can result in horrific injuries if caution is not taken.

Power washers have the capacity to strip the skin from your body, and the pressure can be difficult to regulate in some devices, thus increasing the risk of an unexpected injury.

If you need assistance with power washing services, it’s best to hire a professional instead of attempting a DIY job due to these pressing safety concerns. Be aware of the risks associated with power washing, and stay safe while completing your cleaning projects!

2. Potential Electric Hazards

Power washing uses electricity to deliver high-pressure water for cleaning. This creates a situation where both electrical energy and high-pressure water are present, making it a hazardous activity. Power washers come with a power cable that is usually between twenty and thirty feet long; however, its flexibility means the wiring can become loose and crack. These cracks increase the risk of electric shocks for the user since they are operating their machinery in an environment with water. Electrical shocks or even fires can arise from these circumstances, which could result in death. While grounded power sources may help reduce the chances of electric shock, there is no guarantee of complete insulation against it.

3. The Risk of Dangerous Chemical Contamination

Working with chemicals during power washing can be extremely hazardous. Their potency and level of toxicity make them significantly dangerous, posing a threat to human beings, animals, and the environment alike.

Without following strict safety protocols when handling these substances, the risk of contracting bacterial infections or other health issues that arise from direct contact or absorption through cuts or open wounds increases drastically. It is, therefore, essential to ask for professional assistance when looking into power washing services due to their expertise in managing such chemicals and providing immediate solutions if any emergencies happen on-site.

4. Devastating Surface Damage

Surface damage due to improper use of a power washer is a very real and very damaging threat. When it comes to cleaning delicate surfaces like paint, wood construction, insulation areas, and siding, the risk of irreversible changes or paint chips entering your environment can be immense. The best way to avoid such devastating surface damage is by hiring an experienced power washing service. Professional results coupled with safe measures guarantee complete peace of mind. Choose safety over self-service when life is all that’s at stake, so get the right professionals in and be assured of your surface security!

5. Cleaning Aged Windows and Shingles can be Difficult

DIY cleaning older windows and shingles can be quite difficult, as the intricate designs sometimes make them impossible to clean with a high-pressure water hose. Too much pressure from a power washer may even cause irreparable damage. The best course of action is to hire professionals who can examine the surfaces beforehand and determine the best cleaning solution without sacrificing the integrity of the surface. It might cost more upfront to go this route, but it’s usually worth it in the long run since it will be more cost-effective than having to repair or replace any damaged materials.

6. Removing Debris

Working with high-pressure cleaning processes can result in debris flying in all directions. Not only is this significantly more difficult to clean up, but it can be dangerous if the material cleaned is toxic, such as asbestos. Trying to collect the spread dirt on your own may take much longer than expected, so it is wise to seek professional power washing services. They have the expertise and equipment necessary to efficiently tend to any debris cleanup job, no matter how complex or low-lying it may be. Taking caution by hiring a professional will decrease the risks not just to human health and the environment but also to time wasted.

Wrapping Up 

Even if you think you’re being careful, it’s still very easy to make a mistake when pressure washing your home. The risks are just too high. It’s much better to leave it to the professionals. Cs Pressure Cleaning has years of experience and knows how to get the job done right without putting your home at risk. Contact us today for a free estimate.