Algaecide Treatments in Fort Lauderdale

Want to have a beautiful, clean swimming pool and enjoy the cool-water feeling of your own pool? Trim your algae problem with CS Pressure Cleaning.

We offer professional algaecide treatments for residents of Fort Lauderdale, Broward County. Our algae control treatments are designed to kill and remove all forms of algae from your roof, walkways, patios, walls, pools, and more!

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We'll Clean, Seal, and Protect Your Pavers.

Our ALGAECIDE TREATMENT is the perfect option for all types of properties, whether they are residential or commercial. From algaecide pond treatment to algaecide roof treatment services, we have you covered with a customized solution that fits all of your needs.

Our first priority is to use only environmentally friendly cleaning agents for all of the exterior cleaning services we provide. So you can feel confident that when we work for you, there is no risk of environmental degradation, and will leave your home looking as good as new!

With our power washing services, we’ll remove algae from different surfaces of your property while also vacuuming out dirt and debris below. Our team of pressure cleaning experts caters to the modern lifestyles of our clients with practical and environmentally friendly solutions for their pools. We are committed to leaving surfaces cleaner than other types of cleaning companies do.

Trusted and Reliable Services

We have provided Algaecide Treatment services for many years, therefore we know where it’s needed most! Our reliable and trusted services have already satisfied thousands of house owners.

So, give us a call, and we’ll help you find a solution that works for your budget and lifestyle so that you can enjoy your pool all season long.